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An affordable, secure and environmentally friendly energy supply is a prerequisite for growth and employment. The Ministry is backing up the restructuring of the energy supply towards more renewables and supports measures to save resources.

The Energy Transition

The energy transition is a decision to produce energy on a sustainable basis and make Germany one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally compatible economies in the world.

Renewable Energy

The expansion of renewable energy is one of the main pillars in Germany's energy transition. Germany's energy supply is becoming "greener" from year to year.

Conventional Energy Sources

Conventional energy sources are also being assigned major importance during the phase in which renewable energy sources are being expanded.

Grids and Grid Expansion

To keep our electricity supply secure and affordable, we need several thousand kilometres of new power lines.

Electricity Market of the Future

At first glance it seems to be a paradox: although the proportion of renewable energy continues to grow, we will still need enough gas and coal power stations in the future.


Efficient energy storage resources are needed to compensate for the fluctuations in electricity from renewable energy sources.

Energy Efficiency

Increase production, reduce consumption! Even today, there is hardly any other country which uses its energy as carefully as Germany.


Energy efficient residential and commercial buildings will make an important contribution to the success of the energy transition.

Energy Research and Innovation

Energy research is a strategic element of energy policy. We can only implement the energy transition successfully with modern, efficient and ecologically sound technology.

European and International Energy Policy

Energy policy is predicated on collaboration - with our European neighbours and international partners.

Consumer and Energy Market Information

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy provides practical services and valuable information on the energy market for consumers and companies.

Energy Data and Forecasts

The "energy data" are a collection of up-to-date data on the energy supply. Energy forecasts provide an indication of the future developments in the energy supply.

Climate Technology Cooperation

In 2010, the UN established a Technology Mechanism. The transfer of climate technologies is coordinated by ministries, businesses and researchers.


Facts about Germany

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