Tackling the Skills Shortage

Two ingenieurs symbolise tackling the skills shortage; Source: Fotolia.com/ Stephen Coburn

Skilled professionals are the key to innovation and competitiveness, to growth and employment, and to prosperity and a good quality of life. As demographic change progresses, securing a sufficient supply of skilled labour will be one of the most important challenges that lawmakers and the business and science communities will be facing in the decades to come.

Skills Policy

Some sectors and regions in Germany are already struggling to attract skilled labour. And demographic change is only exacerbating the difficulty.

The Qualified Professionals Initiative

This initiative provides information on demand for skilled labour and on the support mechanisms available.

Tapping the Skills Reserve in Germany

Unless appropriate measures are taken, the skills gap in Germany will grow continuously, because of the country's ageing society.

Immigration and a Culture of Welcome

Our country will benefit from a true culture of welcome and an immigration policy that attracts skilled professionals from around the world.

Alliance for Initial and Further Training

In order to strengthen vocational training, the Federal Government sealed the new Alliance for Initial and Further Training with business, trade union and Länder representatives.

Training and Vocational Policy

The Ministry aims to provide a clear framework for vocational training to encourage more companies to hire trainees, so as to tackle the skills shortage.