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The flags of Canada and the European Union; soruce: picture alliance/dpa

Gabriel welcomes proposal that CETA is mixed agreement

"CETA will deepen economic relations between the EU and Canada. It is right to include the national parliaments in the ratification process," said Minister Gabriel. more

Major electricity market reform adopted

The Bundestag has adopted the Acts on the Further Development of the Electricity Market and on the Digitisation of the Energy Transition. more

Source: BMWi/Susanne Eriksson

"A new chapter in the energy transition"

Three major steps taken: Renewable Energy Sources Act, Electricity Market Act, and Digitisation of the Energy Transition all approved by both houses of the German parliament. Read more about this in the latest edition of our newsletter "Energiewende direkt". Follow the link to the newsletter


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The first solar airplane to circumnavigate the world: Baake congratulates Solar Impulse team

Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg have just flown all around the world in their solar aircraft "Solar Impulse 2", which is powered by four solar electric motors.

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Denmark and Germany sign first cooperation agreement on mutual cross-border pilot auctions for PV installations

Today the Danish and the German governments signed a cooperation agreement on the mutual opening of auctions for PV installations.